Published on 19 February 2023 at 20:43

Paddleboards:  tips and tricks  Here are some things I look for in a paddleboard

1-Length 10.6-11 feet long is plenty for most people, including kids.  

2-Width 30-34 inches wide is enough, any more and it makes the board harder to handle

3-Depth- 6 inches (don't do less than this)

3-Check the weight limit on the boards if you plan to put kids or animals on it with you.  

4-Extras like D rings around the seat area can be used to attach kayak seats or other gear during longer paddles

5-Number of fins- I have both 1 and 3, so whichever is on the board you choose is great

6- Feath R Lite or FUN WATER Boards are a little lighter, so check them out. 

Some favorites from Amazon      Avednor   Boierto  GoPlus  HITABAY

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